Fibre Optic data Network

Installing a Secure Fibre Optic Data Network

We invest in training our team in a wide area of electrical, data, and fibre solutions so that we can provide the up-to-the-minute services that our customers and other contractors need. We are Fibre Optic cabling experts who possess the knowledge and specialised equipment that is needed to get any fibre jobs completed quickly, efficiently, and effectively. As a result of this, we not only take on fibre cabling installations but also regularly assist in terminating fibre services for other contractors - so if the contractor doesn’t have the skills and equipment to test, we will go out onsite to test it for them.

The Challenge: Create a Secure Fibre Optic Network

As highly experienced electricians, we have a trusted reputation, which is why we are often contacted to perform important projects. In this case, we were contacted by a regional Police HQ to perform a task that required skill, sensitivity, and responsibility.

The HQ required a secure Fibre Optic network reaching from the secure server room to five desktop PCs situated in remote locations across a large building. The Fibre Optic network had to be thoroughly protected and fully secured, with all connections and PCs completely tamper-proof.

The second challenge was to facilitate the Fibre Optic network effectively in offices that were on different levels. As Fibre Optic cabling can only be laid in vertical and horizontal routes, this takes skill and planning to create. Cables cannot be too long as this will risk bending or the individual fibres winding around themselves, resulting in permanent damage. Equally, cables cannot be stretched as this can cause damage to the fibres and break connections.

The final challenge was to meet the demands of our client and the client’s workplace. We firstly had to be thoroughly security checked, and then were to perform the installation without disrupting internal work or causing any downtime or interference.

The Solution: an Installation by Trained Fibre Optic Technicians

Fibre is mostly used for speed, but it can also be used to create secure communication and information lines. As this is what the regional police HQ needed, we created a plan to link five desktops securely across the building.

After measuring and planning, we decided that five runs of fibre at 312 feet each was needed to facilitate the secure connections. We would run all of the cables through trunking in the floor to ensure secure containment from server room to desktop, preventing any damage or potential cutting.

All of the work was then performed by trained Fibre Optic technicians. Preparing and laying Fibre Optic cabling is a very technical, very precise, and very time-consuming process. How clean and well-fitted the fibres are determines how well the connection works. This means that the glass fibres have to meet perfectly at the ends as this will prevent losses and data corruption - a vital demand for the nature of the work conducted across this new network.

To ensure that the ends of each fibre meet perfectly, each piece must be polished to create a flat and smooth surface. As each glass fibre is half a millimetre in diameter and there are four fibres in every cable, our trained technicians spent a considerable amount of time polishing the forty ends that were required for this job.

Once laid and connected, we perform a diagnostics test with a DTX500 fibre tester to ensure that the Fibre Optic cabling complies with different decibel losses. This removes the risk of data corruption for the client. We also contained the Fibre Optic cabling within secure underfloor trunking, making it tamperproof, and resistant to any damage.

All of the work performed was done out of hours on a Saturday, therefore no disruption was caused to the employee working schedules. Our team also complied with all security and identification measures, meaning that we could simply get on with our work and not disrupt the HQ’s strict security codes.

The Results: A Successful and Secure Fibre Optic Network

The fast and efficient work of our qualified Fibre Optic cabling team resulted in the HQ gaining a fully functioning secure network, completed on time. All of the work done was tested and terminated and no maintenance is due thanks to the quality of the installation and the nature of Fibre Optics, which are infinite until damaged. We do however remain on call should we be needed.

The quality of the installation will also prevent downtime and interference with work procedures, as well as providing the secure and private network. The HQ could use the new network quickly and efficiently thanks to the skills of our trusted team and our competence at not only our work but our compliance with all security measures.