Clinigen office area

Clinigen: A Specialty Pharma Company

As highly experienced electricians, we are regularly contracted by interior design companies and project managers to rewire commercial properties as part of refurbishment projects. For Clinigen’s refurbishment and expansion of their UK HQ, we were contracted by Blueprint Interiors to conduct extensive electrical and data rewiring and to fit new lighting. The commercial office rewire and other electrical work was expertly performed and helped to facilitate the creation of outstanding new premises.

About Clinigen: A Specialty Pharma Company

Founded in 2010, Clinigen is a fast-growing specialist pharmaceutical and services company that operates across the globe to ensure that vital medicines are delivered effectively where they are needed. They also supply clinical trials and manage programmes that allow physicians to access treatments not available in their own countries.

With over 100 skilled people working from their UK HQ and in other facilities across the globe, as well as a customer services team that speaks over 19 languages, Clinigen delivers their unique and vital services worldwide, and continues to grow.

The Challenge: A Major Commercial Office Expansion for Clinigen

Clinigen have experienced rapid growth since their inception in 2010 and therefore decided to expand their Burton-on-Trent headquarters. Originally occupying one of two neighbouring buildings, Clinigen wanted to join the two properties together to expand their floor space by 50%. Blueprint Interiors had been contracted to design the refurbishment and conduct the project, and having worked with us previously, Blueprint chose us to perform the necessary electrical work as they were aware of our strong commitment to delivering high-quality work on time and within budget.

The first challenge was to ensure that work was completed to a tight schedule with minimal disruption to the Clinigen staff as the offices were still in use during the refurbishment. Next, we had to perform electrical and data rewiring, install new lighting solutions, and improve power supplies and connectivity across the two buildings, the atrium, and the server room.

We began our work in building one, Bermuda House. The redesign by Blueprint required new lighting and relocation of all power sockets. The building had originally been wired with floor wiring, however the client wanted wall sockets instead in the new design. Another challenge inside Bermuda House was to improve the kitchen area with new lighting and appliances.

Building two, Pitcairn House, was designed to house the new meeting rooms. This would require wall-mounted presentation screens that could connect easily and faultlessly to laptops and PCs for smooth presentation capabilities.

A glass atrium had been built to join the two buildings together and create a new reception area. This space was three stories high at the front of the two buildings, and the designs called for long pendant lighting to be installed here, a task that required specific qualifications to complete.

A final key challenge was to enable the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) in the server room. At present, the company was struggling to utilise the UPS due to incorrect specifications. Without a functioning UPS keeping their server safe, Clinigen was open to the possibility of devastating data loss.

The Solution: Rewiring, Wiring, and Fitting New Lighting

Over a period of 11 weeks, we worked quickly and competently to help to bring Blueprint’s designs to life. We strictly followed the phased refurbishment plan to minimise disruption to Clinigen staff and also held regular meetings to ensure that the client was happy with all progress.

In Bermuda House, we rewired the floor cabling to reach wall height and then installed dado cabling throughout the building to provide wall socket access. We also introduced Cat 5e cabling to provide a fast internet connection with reduced interference. All new lighting was installed and new air conditioning was set up, some units with 3 Phase power for more economical power usage. We also took care of interconnecting wiring, power, and data for all alarms and fire systems. Additionally, the kitchen was fully wired and set up for a complete refit.

Pitcairn house was also rewired across all three stories. As the main area for meeting and presentation rooms, each room required concealed cabling for presentations, including AV, HDMI, and data cabling. We installed all of this to enable seamless PC or laptop connections during meetings.

The challenge of lighting the three-storey atrium was solved by our fully trained and qualified professionals. As a newly built part of the property, we firstly wired the structure from scratch to create a reception area suitable for wall-mounted display screens. We then installed the feature lighting from the three storey high ceiling, a process that required powered access and trained operatives to complete.

In the server room, we upgraded the power supply so that the larger UPS systems had enough power to prevent damage to the servers if a power cut occurred in the future, thus providing Clinigen with increased protection.

The Results: A Bright and Effective Newly Rewired and Refurbished Commercial Office

Our expert work helped to get the project finished on time and to the highest standard of quality, thus allowing Clinigen to continue their important work with minimal disruption, as originally agreed in the refurbishment plans. The electrical and data rewiring has facilitated the creation of new, brighter office environments with superior connectivity, reliable power sources, and improved facilities.

A much more reliable server setup has been established for the business, which ensures that an emergency back up source is up and working in the event of the mains power supply failing, thus preserving servers and preventing data loss.

Additionally, new Cat 5e cables have improved data connectivity, thus speeding up business efficiency. Our Excel accreditation also means that all cabling has been tested to industry standards and is registered for a 25 year warranty.

We are totally assured in the quality of our workmanship, and therefore give all of our work a twelve month warranty and a five year period before retesting becomes necessary. We will notify companies when the time arrives for a retest, thus removing the administrative task of remembering to reschedule a retest. In the meantime, Clinigen can rest assured that their electric and data wiring is durable and worry-free.