If your business is relocating to a brand new industrial unit or refurbishing existing industrial premises, your company needs to ensure you use a qualified electrical services contractor that you can trust. CJ Timms not only have the know-how and qualifications to undertake your industrial project but we can oversee the overall process liaising with other contractors to ensure that everything lives up to your expectations and the building meets the latest electrical and energy efficiency regulations and guidelines.

Over 28 Years In The Electrical Industry

CJ Timms have the knowledge and experience to provide safe, reliable and efficient electrical installations. Established for over 28 years in the electrical industry, you can be assured all the work carried out will be thoroughly inspected to ensure that it complies with the increasingly stringent health and safety requirements.

Whatever your industry, we can design, plan and implement a custom installation for your premises with minimal disruption to your day-to-day working, leaving you with an electrical system to power your business forward.