When Is Re-Wiring Your Commercial Property Necessary?

There are many reasons you may find a complete re-wiring of your businesses premises necessary. Landlords, shoulder the responsibility to ensure the electrics in their property are up to standard, in good working order and compliant with regulations.

Whilst a rewire may sound like an expense that you can do without, the costs amount to far less than the risks involved in operating your commercial premises with substandard electrics. Damage and degradation to wiring can be a serious hazard, be it fire or a risk to life by electrocution, failure to properly maintain the electrics can result in a loss of reputation, staff turnover and lawsuits.

How Do I Tell If My Premises Needs A Rewire?

If your property has undergone any massive and recent damage such as flooding, or there are lights and sockets that have ceased to function as normal, then there is a good chance that you will need a rewire.

Damage to the casing of wires can be a serious hazard so if you come across any exposed wires then it’s probably a sound idea to call a contractor to get the extent of the problem assessed.

I’m Not Sure How Old The Electrics Are In My Premises

If you’ve moved premises to an older building or you’re not sure when the last rewiring of the building took place then it might be worth contacting an approved electrical contractor to take a look over the electrics.

There are a few things you can do yourself to determine how old the electrics are in your building. If you encounter wires wrapped in fabric or black rubber then it’s a sign you’ll need a rewire as these types of casings haven’t been in circulation for several decades. Similarly, if your fusebox has a wooden back or cast iron switches then it’s an indicator that the electrics in your building haven’t been upgraded in a long time.

Does The Entire Building Need A Re-Wire?

This depends on a few factors, for instance, if the entire building is old and the electrics are outdated then yes, a full rewiring is in order. Although this might be disruptive to business, it is the most cost-effective way of dealing with the issue as other parts of the building that contain outdated electrics may begin to fail at a later date, incurring more costs.

If you feel that a partial rewire is an option, then talk to an experienced electrical contractor as they can carry out a full inspection to see if this is a feasible option.

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