Commercial Electrical Certificate

What Is A Commercial Electrical Certificate & Why Should Your Business Have One?

Health and safety regulations are an important part of running a business, after all looking after your own and your employees’ wellbeing is paramount. UK Law requires certain codes and standards to be upheld and put simply a Commercial Electrical Certificate is a certificate that shows that your business premises are compliant with the regulations laid out, and thus ensuring the building is safe for both employees, tenants and whoever else may use your premises.

Once you have obtained the certificate for your business premises you’ll be required to renew it every 5 years to remain compliant.

What are the benefits of having a certificate?

They can help prevent lawsuits

Having proof that you are compliant with electrical regulations is extremely beneficial for employers as, without one, they can be open to a lawsuit if there was an injury to an employee as a result of faulty electrics. The cost of obtaining a certificate is far less than the business would be liable for should any such legal action be carried out against them.

It’ll be easier to keep up to date with the latest changes to regulations

Having your premises checked over by an NICEIC approved electrician will also allow your business to keep up to date to changes in electrical regulations, which will be less costly to your business if you have kept things current.

It can help identify faults

Having your commercial premises checked over regularly by a qualified and registered electrician can help you identify faults in the building’s wiring as well as any other elements of non-compliance. This, in turn, can help avoid the escalation of any potential health hazards.

What kind of certificate can my business obtain?

There are a few options when it comes to obtaining a commercial electrical certificate. The most popular examples are Electrical Installation Certificates and Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificates. 

Such certificates demonstrate that the work has been carried out to be fit for use and to meet local standards. All types of work will be documented whether it is a completely new installation or whether you have made any additions or changes to your current system. 

How does my business get a commercial electrical certificate?

As an NICEIC Approved company, CJ Timms can carry out a full electrical inspection and testing of your premises, ensuring that you have peace of mind when it comes to electrical compliance. With 27 years of experience in all types of electrical installation, we can give an accurate and concise report and offer unparalleled advice when it comes to maintaining your premises’ electrics.